• Club Re-opening update

    We will be re-opening as soon as it it is safe, legal and practicable to do so. Details will be announced here and existing members will receive an e-mail with information. In the meantime, there is well-supported on-line bridge session every Monday evening and you are most welcome to join that. Full details are on the Home page of this website. read more...
    Wednesday, 05 May 2021 by Mark Gibson
  • FREE Andrew Robson Bridge Lessons

    RealBridge have teamed up with Andrew Robson to offer a series of 4 bridge lessons, on the following topics: Weak twos Splinter bids Fourthsuit forcing Counting and card placement The format for the sessions will be: Players play 4 rounds of 1 board each. At the start of the session, RealBridge will display a welcome note on each table. This will be a very short introduction to the deals. After the 4thboard, RealBridge displays a link to a video. This allows the players to watch Andrew Robson... read more...
    Wednesday, 24 March 2021 by Mark Gibson
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