2021/22 Subscriptions and table fees

Sunday, 19 September 2021 by Mark Gibson

As we move to the introduction of opportunities to play F2F, online or both we need a single, simple, way of collecting money without the need for cash.

Members who have been playing with us on RealBridge have been making payments online.  

We will follow the same approach for the future, which will be:

1.  Members make an advance payment.  You decide how much, remembering that subs will soon be due and each session will cost £1.50.

2.  We enter this payment onto a master spreadsheet.

3.  Every time you play we record this and £1.50 is deducted from your credit balance.  If you bring a guest we will also deduct the £2.50 fee from your credit balance.

4.  Every month we will send you a list that shows whether you are in credit or owe us money, so that a further payment is needed.  The list as at 1st  September is attacheded for information and action from those members who owe us money

5.  In addition the first time you play after 1st October we will deduct your subscription for the period to 31st May 2022 - £10 when you play at the club, or £5 when you play online.  If you start online but then come to the club a further £5 will be deducted at that stage.

6.  Any queries regarding monthly statements should be addressed to Ingrid Phillips [email protected]

Please let me know if there are any queries, otherwise enjoy your bridge in whatever format

Best wishes

Colin - Hon Treasurer

Bank details to make payments by bank transfer can be obtained from Colin Maggs, Honorary Treasurer. [email protected]